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You are re-directed to this site because you showed interest in a particular item or domain name.

The owner of that item is now accepting offers. You may choose to register and enter a bid at this site. There is no fee. Alternately, send an email with your offer to the registered owner if you have the email address. Your offer will appear on this site if considered to be a legitimate bid.

Here are some points about the sale of any item or domain name.

  1. New items are added, usually a few per week.
  2. If you are interested in a particular item that is not listed, please send an email, with or without an offer, to the registered owner or manager of that item. If it is to be offered for sale, it will appear here within a few days. Your offer may become the minimum reserved bid if it is deemed to be a fair offer. You will have to become a registered bidder to bid, or to get email notice of other bids or a sale closing.
  3. You may consult,,, or other sites to help arrive at what you think is a fair value.
  4. If you register to bid on this site, your registration is approved at the discretion of the site moderator.
  5. All prices are in USD. On a successful bid, small amounts may be processed by PayPal. Large amounts will be handled by The buyer is responsible for all fees.
  6. Neither the seller of any item, or this site, make any warranty as to the suitability of any item for the buyer’s intended purpose.
  7. There is no expiry date listed for any items unless it is under the item description. Expiry dates may be added or extended at any time. If and when the owner is happy with an offer, all bidders will be notified the auction will be closed within 72 hours. Other or new bidders can then offer more. As sometimes, auction “bid sniping” (an attempt to beat the closing time) is tried, the closing times will be extended to allow any and all last-minute bids.
  8. Sellers using this site are not generally interested in quick sales. Please do not expect immediate replies or interest in your bid. Many items have acquired a reserve bid from potential buyers. That reserve was not deemed high enough to warrant a sale, but the bid still remains standing.
  9. If you miss a bid or were not paying attention, keep in mind, we are working for the seller, not the buyer. You may think you have “won” a bid, but we will remain open to considering disputes. We want to make everybody happy, and will do our best to to be fair. In the end, we want to get the best deal for the seller, but at the same time, close the sale. Let us try to make everybody happy. We are here to listen.
  10. This site is a work in progress. Thank you for your interest and your patience.